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Researchers Tackle New Strategies for Canine Bone Cancer

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Study of Post-Operative Bleeding in Great Danes

The following is a message from the Principal Investigator at the GDCA Charitable Trust, in charge of a study on Delayed Postoperative Hemorrhage (DEPOH), or excessive bleeding and bruising after surgery.


Post-operative death has long been recognized as a major cause of death among Great Danes, having been documented as the ninth most frequent cause of death (in both sexes) and even more common in females. There is little reason to believe this situation has improved. In fact, these death rates may have increased, owing to increased number of elective c-sections, spays, gastropexies and orthopedic surgeries since the 2000 GDCA National Health Survey of over 1560 Great Danes. We are aware of many reports in social media of unexpected deaths following surgery in otherwise healthy Great Danes and are seeking to reveal patterns in these cases and potentially confirm whether a specific gene associated with post-operative bleeding in Scottish Deerhounds is also seen in Great Danes. If confirmed, we will be inviting potentially “at risk” Great Danes to participate in a laboratory study where their clotting patterns will be measured directly to identify those likely to benefit from preventive medication(s) routinely used in humans. Study participants will receive their test results.

If you own a Great Dane that underwent a surgical procedure at any time in the last seven (7) years, you are encouraged to participate in this survey.

The survey form, in Word DOCX format, is available here. You are requested to write your responses directly on the questionnaire and e-mail to Mary Anne Zanetos at Her office will get back to you with questions and/or a kit for collecting a cheek swab sample from your dog.

Thank you,

Mary Anne Zanetos
Principal Investigator

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